Gary Haning: ideas on early committing

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Gary-Haning-07.14-1024x768If you know anything about club softball, you know that Gary Haning is one of the most successful and respected club coaches in the sport’s history.  Haning has led the OC Batbusters for three decades and won multiple National Championships at the 18U Gold level while producing dozens of players who went on to college, Olympic and pro success including Jennie Finch and Laura Berg.

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Brentt has been in sports media for over 20 years, starting digital websites at ESPN and Student Sports and serving the club/high school softball world since 2006 when he started The Columbus, Ohio native has written for ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated and Yahoo! Sports and has done on-air work as part of an Emmy-winning sports show. Brentt currently lives in Huntington Beach, California.


  1. Simple solution: make it official. Sign the letter of intent(if you want)as a freshman and the college and the player will be committed to at least one year. I believe the rush to sign would change if players and parents knew they would lose that year of eligibility if they didn’t follow through and colleges would slow the process because they would have a scholarship tied up even if the recruit didn’t develop or opted at the last minute not to come. Everyone would step back and take into consideration that making such a huge life decision at such a young age is inappropriate.

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